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Take a moment to picture how different your life could be as a successful hypnotherapist. See yourself making an impact & having fun while making lots of money. This wonderful ripple effect on your client's life and the lives of those around them is beyond measure.  Pretty exciting, right?  This program is designed for new or experienced practicing hypnotherapists who are ready to take their business into an abundant, full-time, happy-client and money-making machine.

In this program, you will learn

  • My complete blueprint for building a 6 figure hypnotherapist business.
  • My personal process for getting results for any client, with any need.
  • How to over-deliver for your clients (without over-extending yourself).
  • Growing your business through group hypnosis sessions.
  • How to use Public Speaking to Increase Your Visibility.
  • Gain confidence in sales conversations.
  • Learn Hypnotic patterns and languages
  • The knowledge you desire to become confident in your skills, well known in your industry, and abundant doing what you love – helping people through hypnosis!
  • Pricing: How to price your packages, programs, and digital products.
  • How to become a household name in your community.
  • The steps to having your first $10,000 month.
  • How to create epic virtual sessions.
  • Learn how to overcome objections such as “I can’t afford this
  • Plus much more

Become a Better Hypnotherapist

Learn my unique hypnosis techniques that get clients the results they desire.

Become a Better Business Owner

Learn all of my techniques for attracting and retaining new clients.

You’re a Certified Hypnotherapist!

After all that training, you’re ready to change the world, one client at a time. You build a website, start some ads, do a little networking and wait for the phone to ring. Months later…you think something might be wrong with your phone.  Or worse…something might be wrong with you.  Thoughts start circling in your head like “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?”  or “Maybe I’m not cut out for this business.”

I know this scenario all too well. This is exactly what was happening to me in my first year of business as a hypnotherapist. I was unconfident, afraid of being judged, and questioning whether or not I was good enough. I see this all the time with new hypnotherapists.

Now, 2 ½ years into running my business, I am now operating at a 6-figure level, I’m well known and highly regarded in my community, and I’m making a significant contribution to the world by helping people through hypnosis.  I am truly living my dream life!

Get ready to leave behind your limiting belief that you are not good enough and ditch the lie that you can’t achieve this.  You ABSOLUTELY can!  The world needs you.  

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It is a small commitment of your time and money to get the results you desire. Securing just one client can be a complete return on your investment.  People need what YOU have to offer.  Make this year the year that your business finally takes off!   Limited spots available.