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Each month we will focus on transforming a different area of your life through hypnosis, with accompanying  affirmations + journal prompts. Read about our program outline below!

You have the power to program your subconcious to live your amazing life.  It’s time to rewire your brain and change the story

I’ll let you in on a little secret that nobody else is talking about…if you don’t learn how to program your subconcious mind, you are going to stay right where you are.  Sitting on the sidelines watching other people (maybe even people you know) create amazing life’s full of abundance, confidence, wealth, purpose, happiness, joy, inner peace and well-being. Creating the life you want is not about luck, it’s about belief, intention and moving beyond your fears.  

Do you feel like you are stuck or in a holding pattern? Constantly trying to break out of where you are now? I totally understrand because I was there too…trying so hard to accomplish my goals, only to end up feeling frustrated, defeated and overwhelmed.


There is a way to drastically shift and transform every aspect of your life. 


In order to change your beliefs, your must rewire your subconscious. You can program your mind to have what you want in life…unstoppable confidence, freedom from anxiety, the ability to take fast action, to be fully committed, and to feel worthy (this is just to name a few...).

Together, we open the doors of potential so you can push through your blocks & limits!  What is it costing you to stay stuck?

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What People are Saying

Georgie Beames

Mary Lou's sessions are powerful! I listen to her recordings every night before bed and it has had a tremendous impact in changing my wealth consciousness. She is caring, kind and full of love and service.

Rachelle Holowko

Deciding to work with Mary Lou was the best decision not only for my money mindset but we went so much deeper in our sessions allowing me to work on and help clear other blocks too including worth and trust (huge ones for me!)

Have you fully considered how much time, money and energy it costs you to keep doing the same things? No matter how hard you push, no matter how hard you work there is wall that you keep hitting stopping you from moving past the level where you are at right now.


It’s not about finding a better strategy, getting a better coach or working harder. Your subconscious is running 90% of your daily decisions are actions automatically. Your subconscious could be wired to think and act in a way that won’t produce the results you want, no matter how hard you try.


The way you think, produces the actions you take and the actions are what produces results you get. 


Your automated thoughts are on autopilot and they might be sabotaging you.  Here’s how to know if your thoughts are sabotaging your success..


You work really hard and are still not seeing the results you want.

You try really hard and you can’t seem to commit and achieve your goals. 

You can’t seem to achieve the promise of any course you sign up for - regardless of how hard you try.

You feel determined and positive and then nothing works. You are left feeling like a failure.  

It’s time to change the way you think and in order to do that, we must rewire your subconscious mind.

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Membership Outline

The Unstoppable Mind Membership is open for enrollment 4 times per calendar year. Each month will have a themed hypnosis + accompanying affirmations & journal prompts that will reprogram your beautiful brain and transform a specific area of your life. We will also be holding a community contest each month to motivate members and fuel the fun with prizes (rules and qualifications will vary monthly).


Commitment: You must commit to a minimum of 3 months in the membership after sign up.

Why?  For commitment, consistency, and repetition. You have to truly commit in order to see changes and results in your life, and allowing at least three months will allow you to begin to create the changes. 

May 2021

Theme: Money Mindset Mastery

Uncover your abundance blockers and discover how your limiting beliefs and fears about money are causing you stress and preventing you from abundance.

Live Hypnosis Session: May 13th at 5pm PST

Master Recording: Available on May 1st

Community Contest Prize: 1 year membership access

June 2021

Theme: Procrastination ---> Productivity

Stop putting your tasks, your goals, and your life on hold. We will be releasing beliefs around productivity, and finally give procrastination the eviction notice it deserves from your beautiful brain.

Live Hypnosis Session: June 10th at 5pm PST

Master Recording: Available on June 1st

Community Contest Prize: Access to the Habit Transformation Group Program

July 2021

Theme: Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Inner Peace

Worry thoughts and anxious feelings are the core enemy of living your best life. Through this hypnosis, we will breakthrough the negative beliefs that cause anxiety and cultivate new stories that create inner peace.

Live Hypnosis Session: July 8th at 5pm PST

Master Recording: Available on July 1st

Community Contest Prize: Three (90) minute private hypnosis sessions with Mary Lou.

August - October

Themes will be announced in July.

Open enrollment begins on 7/16 and ends on 7/31

Current members will automatically be enrolled (you have the ability to cancel during open enrollment if desired).

November 2021 - January 2022

Themes will be announced in October.

Open enrollment begins on 10/16 and ends on 10/30

Current members will automatically be enrolled (you have the ability to cancel during open enrollment if desired).

February - April 2022

Themes will be announced in January.

Open enrollment begins on 1/17 and ends on 1/31

Current members will automatically be enrolled (you have the ability to cancel during open enrollment if desired).

May - July 2022

Themes will be announced in April.

Open enrollment begins on 4/16 and ends on 4/30

Current members will automatically be enrolled (you have the ability to cancel during open enrollment if desired).

What's waiting for you in the members-only recording library?


Hypnosis Recordings:

Overcoming Self-Doubt 

Achieve Your Full Potential 

Focus on Your Highest Priorities

Motivate Your Mind for Success

Cultivate Positive Habits

BONUS: Manifesting While in Hypnosis

(VALUE = $350)


Coming in May:

Money Mindset Mastery

Create a Millionaire Mind (BONUS

+ One new digitally mastered hypnosis recording every month! (Value $70).


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Virginie M

"Feeling a soft yet strong internal shift. I get much less distracted by external circumstances. I am responsible with my choices and the way I show up, and I feel my personal power growing. I just love your hypnosis!"

Dr. Joan Hunter

"You have been able to supercharge really valuable, focused, high impact information into this hypnosis. It’s incredible. Every time I listen to it, I hear something different. It’s so focused and you are truly a master of your craft. "

Stacey Y

"One big takeaway so far is the internal shift I'm feeling. My drive to persevere and do the projects I've been wanting to implement is coming from a different energetic space within and I feel more certain of myself in my gifts and abilities."

I work with entrepreneurs 1:1 and in my programs to create new beliefs and we erase the self sabotaging thoughts that are putting the brakes on your results.


As many of you know, my practice has exploded this last year, meaning it can be difficult to get on my calendar as a private client. I remember the days I used to dream of having a waiting that dream is a reality (thanks to the work I've been doing on my own beautiful brain!). I've been working hard behind the scenes coming up with new ways to help more people using hypnosis.


It is my mission to help people have an Unstoppable Mind. I help people reprogram their mind to believe that they can achieve their goals and dreams.  Let me tell you this, you can have the results you want in life and in business.  As a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotism, I have assisted thousands of people and helped them overcome obstacles so they can create and live an amazing life full of freedom!  I’ve been called the "subconscious secret weapon" while working with clients all over the world, (but I am not so secret anymore!).  

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Are you ready to...


Master your Mindset and activate your subconscious to work for you (on autopilot!).

Understand and remove self sabotage behavior.

Rewire your brain for success.

Learn to trust yourself.

Create empowering habits.  

Align your subconscious mind with what you want consciously: More success, wealth, happiness or whatever you wish to have in your life!  

Learn to clear your blocks and limiting beliefs. 

Train and reprogram your subconscious mind to create more abundance, joy and fulfillment in your life.

Gain clarity on what you want to create.

Reclaim your power.

Stop caring what other people think of you, and as my mentor says, "Live your F-ing life!"

Speak your life into existence.

Become aware of your blind spots.


+ Endless Opportunities are yours when you step into the drivers seat of your mind!


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